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Proud to be Featured on the Pool Magazine Podcast

Recently Pool Magazine had PoolCarePRO as a guest on their podcast to discuss the new version of our software. We were thrilled to be able to discuss what differentiates us from many other CRM's and software out there. They wanted to know how we got started, what we bring to the table and why we've become the operating system for so many pool technicians.

Perhaps one of the most gratifying things was when Pool Magazine acknowledged how our custom-tailored pool service software is loved and used by pool companies all over the country. It's our unique privilege to provide continuous management of over 75,000 bodies of water.

During the course of PoolCarePRO (Co-Founder) Brian Primeau's conversation with PM Editor, Joe Trusty - they talked about the everyday problems PoolCarePRO helps professionals solve such as automated recurring billing, managing services, customer notifications, and migrating old information to a new system.

Listen to our discussion with Pool Magazine:

One thing we were glad that came up during the course of our conversation, was the incredible loyalty of our customers who have helped make PoolCarePRO a leading pool service software choice for industry professionals.

We've had four different incarnations of our software and have seen it grow to become the type of best-in-class cloud-based software that pool service technicians need today. Our ability to work shoulder to shoulder and provide the best features and value to pool companies is definitely what separates us from others that offer similar services.

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