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Customer Testimonials

Why do we love PCP?

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Conservatively, It has knocked off at least 20 hours a week of my admin time, and eliminated a 20 hour a week part-time office person.  40 hours a week is huge!  The end of the month billing used to be a full 2 hours per/day of the week, so 10 hours of work, just to get customers billed at the end of the month. Now it is the click of a mouse.

I never thought we would be able to use just (1) program to do all the daily tasks of our pool service business.  20 years in the pool service business; we have customers with different billing rates/rules.  Some are a flat monthly rate – chemicals included, others are a weekly rate – chemicals extra, yet others are a weekly rate – chemicals included.  We schedule filter cleanings for pools every 6 months, every 4 months, and others every 2 months.  We pay our technicians by the job, so we need to count each pool that they serve daily.  Some pools our techs are paid more, due to the complexity of the pool.  In the past, we utilized (4) different programs to try and organize, and keep track of all this ever-changing data.  Now we use PCP.

With PCP, in a heartbeat, we know which tech has the pool and whether or not it has been serviced yet.  We can view the photos of the pool/equipment so if the tech is not familiar, we can give them step-by-step instructions. We can add the customer’s request to the techs route so they have to close out the service when done, so we know it got done.

It feels like PCP sat down with us and wrote a custom program that takes care of all the crazy things our Pool Service Business does.  They did their homework and did not overlook any details.  We are and appear so much more professional to our customers.

Most of our customers are not home and love the service completion email they receive when the technician closes their service call.  They also are impressed with being able to view all the measurement and treatment details of their pool service and the ease of paying with their credit card.

The item I was most worried about in implementing PCP was acceptance from our techs.  We have some “more mature” older techs who are not very “techy”.  They have embraced it and (1) even commented he felt like he was playing a game on his phone.  It is extremely easy to navigate and enter measurements and treatments with just 1 finger.

Thank you, PCP!   After 20 years and all the office work associated with the size of our business, I was reluctant to grow, knowing what it meant for us on the backend.  With PCP, bring it on!  We now have got the time and resource with which to grow.

Tim Dooley, Dazzle Pools

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Since we started to use PoolCarePRO for our pool business, we have increased productivity by 100%, our pool techs have become more efficient and accountable, and our customers love the emails upon completion.

PoolCarePRO has helped our pool business’s productivity tremendously. Our techs love the convenience of being mobile, our office staff loves the reliability of the program and our customers love the emails upon completion. Technology at its best.

Got Pools? Need PoolCarePRO!

Before using PoolCarePRO, our pool business’s administration was bogged down with tons of paperwork PoolCarePRO has brought us to the 21st Century.PoolCarePRO program has allowed us to become more proficient, increase sales and less paperwork. Our staff productivity has increased by 100%. The program is easy to use, very user-friendly, and PoolCarePRO customer service is fast in response when questions arise. I highly recommend PoolCarePRO for all Pool Businesses. Got Pools? Need PoolCarePRO!

Arsenio Mendez, Sparkling Pools and Spa
Miami Lakes, FL

PoolCarePRO has helped our business in many ways.


We have been using Pool Care Pro for more than 8 years now. It is a vital part of our daily operations. We rely on it to lay out routes for our pool technicians. We use the maps to figure out which technician works in the same neighborhood as a prospective new customer and we use the calendar to determine how many customers that technician already has on a given day. I like having access to all customer data when I am out on the road on my way to a customer. It may be as simple as an address, an account balance, or sometimes a gate code. I have it all available on my phone.


Ofer, Isles Pool Service
Punta Gorda, FL

I am so glad that I found PoolCarePRO.


The technology is amazing and is actually starting to streamline my company”, says Ron Peterson Owner of ROJO’s Pool Service. “I like the fact that everything is in real-time and that customers can view their account information, billing, pay online and request for services. It is allowing us to start focusing on more important things than mundane office chores. The most important feature about this whole product is the staff behind the scenes. They are amazing in helping us with making sure we are getting all the benefits that PoolCarePro has to offer. When there have been any issues, they are extremely quick to respond. I look forward to our continued relationship and thanks again.


Ron Peterson, Rojos Pool Service
Prospect, KY

We switched from custom-written in-house software to PoolCarePRO.

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We are very happy with the improvement – everything works faster than before, and we have more flexibility with the custom reports, queries, and newer accommodations for our internet-using customers

Que Hales, PoolChlor
Tucson, AZ

We could not be happier with what PoolCarePRO has done for our business.

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It gives us great flexibility with work orders and makes scheduling a breeze. The subcontractors access online and print out their own jobs each day saving trips to the office. The ability for pool details and special instructions to push automatically on to the work orders has been an invaluable tool for the service techs.

Derek Brophy, Seasons Of Long Island, Inc
Smith Town, NY