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Designed With You In Mind

Robust Reporting Options

PoolCarePRO allows you the flexibility to report on all aspects of your service business. All reports can be exported to various formats which then gives you the ability to integrate the reports for further analysis and data management.


Secure Management

With PoolCarePRO you have complete access control over your users. Create user groups tailored specifically to your staff responsibilities allowing access only to the features they need to keep your accounting and customer data secure.


Update Records Remotely

Get free from paperwork! Have your technicians input and track chemistry levels as services are performed, onsite with their mobile devices.


Robust Customer Profiles

Build full customer profiles of pool equipment, service history, repairs, gate codes and more to help your technicians provide competent, tailored services to your customers. Add photos of pools, equipment, entryways, even pets!


Web-Based Application

Unlike programs and data you keep on a computer in your office, we use cloud computing services to make PoolCarePRO continuously up to date and available on the Internet. By centralizing the application on large shared server storage platforms gets you reliable anywhere, anytime access along with the highest level of data back up protection. Eliminate the pain of supporting your technology and gain the freedom to run your business anywhere using any Internet-connected device.


Mailing Service

Don’t have the time to stuff envelopes? Let us do that for you. The PoolCarePRO team will print and mail your invoices each month. *This is an additional add-on service and may be added to any membership level.


Service Notification

Use PoolCarePRO templates to give your customers automatic email notifications when services are completed. Options to include chemical test results and treatments rendered let your customers have immediate status on their pool.


Automated Monthly Billing

Make your billing simple, easy and fast. Just one click generates your invoices and monthly statements for mail or email.

Credit Card

Online Credit Card Processing

Bring revenue in faster by offering your customers online bill pay service. *This is an add-on feature available to all membership levels.

We are proud to offer online payments through our partner, Authorize.Net®, a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996.